My history with strategy

Las Vegas.  Home to legendary casinos with colorful histories, high-stakes gamblers seeking fortunes, and glitzy neon signs that light up hot desert nights.  Memories from the late 1970s include seeing famous landmarks like Vegas Vic or occasionally walking through a casino floor holding mom’s hand hoping to catch the glimmer of a lost coin.

As I got older though, my eyes began to drift from scanning a casino floor to the action of gaming.  Risking money on games of chance seemed too dull though.  Even in my young mind, the odds seemed pointless to entertain any sustained attention.  Nevertheless, if strategy was involved, my interests were piqued.

My grandfather, or “Nono” as we called him, wore western boots and a hat to match.  He played poker professionally. Geez, he was cool!  In downtown casinos, he was known, not surprisingly, as “The Cowboy.”  His savvy poker skills allowed him to make a living and even play in an event which would later become famous: The World Series of Poker.

As a youngster, I spent time with “The Cowboy” learning how to play chess and of course, poker.  I loved stealing his hat while sitting to down to learn the rules of these games.  As we progressed beyond the basics, I began to learn a more essential lesson.  One that still dominates my thinking: strategic planning.  Strategy involves vision.  Seeing an outcome, mapping out the necessary moves, and managing risk along the way was (and still is) infinitely more thrilling than a simple opportunity to roll the dice!

Let’s explore strategic planning, game theory, and their application within the construction industry as well as business in general.  Hopefully, you will find my blog to be a refreshing look into strategy.

It’s your move.  Make it a great one!



4 responses to “My history with strategy

  1. Hey Lori, nice post. I love strategy as well, and I’d love to learn more about it in general business.


  2. Very interesting. Looking forward to reading your future posts.


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