The Perfect Strategist

When constructing a new goal, integrating facts and creativity are key elements.  Once a plan is in place though, it’s time to take action!

Taking that first step to implement an innovative plan can be exciting.  Your proverbial sails are filled with new energy, and motivation is high. However, if there’s a wide gap between that first step and success, momentum may wane at some point along the way.

Where can I find the inspiration to keep driving and adapting on the journey? Look no further than your nearest four-legged friend! Arguably, a dog is a brilliant example of a perfect strategist.

Christmas Suki

Suki waiting for a Christmas treat!

Canine companions have an uncanny ability to fixate on a goal and find creative ways to achieve it.  My four-legged friend is a Jack Russell mix named Suki who has the appetite of a Labrador.  Consistently, her strategy has centered on: “How can I get more cookies?”  Not more love, walks, or playtime…just cookies.

For over 10 years, Suki has remained focused on that goal.  The lessons here can be rolled up into “The Three P’s” of success: Probability, Persistence, and Positivity.

Probability – Suki has keen awareness.  If it’s “pizza and a movie” night, guess who Suki is sitting closest to?  She’s always strategically positioned near the person who is most likely to drop a crumb or share a tidbit.

Lesson: Be aware and watch for patterns or changes.  A little creativity doesn’t hurt either. It will help you adapt your tactics and increase your success rate.

Persistence – Each day, Suki wakes up with the same goal in mind.  Yet, she may not get a cookie that day.  Regardless, she keeps on trying.

Lesson: It’s hard work chasing meaningful goals.  You must learn to have “dogged” tenacity to traverse the low times.

Positivity – Good day? Bad day?  It really doesn’t matter: A dog will happily wag its tail every single day.

Lesson: Focus on being positive.  You’ll be attuned to more opportunities, and life will be more rewarding.

The next time you’re in need of some inspiration, spending time with a canine friend just might do the trick.

Inspiration is all around us…what inspires you?

It’s your move.  Make it a great one!



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