Do Leaders Really Stand Out in a Crowd?

Many of us have come to believe that leadership solely equates to power. It is easy to imagine that a leader is simply the top person at the helm calling strategic shots.  However, the framework that shapes this perception is misleading. There is more to leadership than just power.

Service must be placed at the center of the leadership model.  Power will always be a component of leadership, but it should not begin or end there.  Integrity, honesty, and trust are essential to develop a guiding spirit of service.

Lend a HandThe challenge of leadership is to mindfully treat others as you would like to be treated. Leaders need to set an example that inspires all of us to live up to this responsibility. Those who simply seek power typically aren’t inspirational.  To be inspiring and truly stand out as a leader, no special talents are needed.  One only needs the desire and commitment to serve others.

To begin your journey in service, focus on the following:

1) Deliberately make a commitment to be truthful with yourself and others.

2) When dealing with people at work or in your community, re-frame your mindset from leading to serving.  Understand the needs of others.

3)  Hold yourself to a higher standard.  Recognize your personal responsibilities and own them.

Leadership is a way of life, and a courageous life is a life worth living.

What actions are you willing to take to stand out?  Drop a note with your thoughts.

It’s your move.  Make it a great one!




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