Another Alex P. Keaton?

When I was accepted into business school two years ago, I was brimming with excitement and nervous anticipation.   My analytical side wondered how it would impact my world view.  Would I end up like a smooth talking Alex P. Keaton with an unabashed love for wealth, Wall Street, and supply-side economics?


Now that I’ve successful completed my MBA, I have the answer: I’m definitely not an Alex P. Keaton.  My business classes have actually led me to a more progressive perspective.  I suppose I’m a bit surprised because I thought there must be a grain of truth about stereotypical business students, right?  I wonder how many folks come out of b-school more progressive?

I imagine I’d get along more with Elyse and Steven rather than Alex!

To me, it all begins with responsible development your own leadership skills. To be successful, I am convinced that servant leadership must be a component of your strategy. Exemplary leaders do not focus on their own desires.  They respond to the needs of others.  Building trust creates high performing teams. In the process, followers are transformed into empowered individuals with the skills to be great leaders in their own right.

In a broader context, corporate responsibility must be a cornerstone in our global economy.  Sustainability should also be a routine concern when formulating a strategy. I believe organizations ought to positively contribute to the progress of the communities in which they do business.  As I advance in my career, this outlook will guide my actions.

And wealth?  Yes, I am certainly interested in building wealth.  However, I’m more interested in giving back to my community rather than investing in status symbols.  My personal goal is to some day establish an endowment at the University of Nevada to help other students achieve their educational goals.

For now though, I plan on continuing to improve as manager and learning how to incorporate my newly acquired skills into everyday situations.

I’d love to hear from you!  Please share your comments in the section below.

It’s your move.  Make it a great one!






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